Adele & Jared: Downtown Grand Rapids

ProvinTrailsEngagedProvinTrailsWinterGREngagementPhotos GrandRapidsEngagement RosaParkCircle GRAMEngagement GRAMWeddingPhotos GrandRapidsEngagement Robinette'sPhotography Robinette'sOrchard Robinette'sEngagement Robinette'sAppleHaus Robinette's   PantlindBallroomWeddingOh my stinkin lands. These two are immensely adorable-not only super adorbs on the outside, but also so sweet to each other (and to me) even through a session filled with cold and sleet. They are the real deal-respectful to one another, able to have fun, be carefree, completely let their love just radiate. When I was ten minutes away from Grand Rapids, Adele called me and said that there was a snow storm there…I looked around and the sky was blue, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud to be seen! I started to worry that we were planning to meet in two very different locations based on the weather…then I hit a WALL of sleet storm. Well, it didn’t stop us…we still gallivanted around the gorgeous Provin Trails & then headed over to Robinette’s where the orchard was perfectly in bloom! Again, they turned up the adorableness meter and pulled out their amazing settee for some pics…you know, just hanging in an apple orchard! But guess what…that is where their first date was! In an apple orchard-so how perfect was that?!? After capturing some stunning moments at Robinette’s, we headed downtown Grand Rapids for some sleek, modern and architectural elements, snuck in to the Pantlind Hotel (Amway) and enjoyed some gorgeous sunshine in Rosa Park Circle and by the GRAM. I love the bunch of balloons they brought too-so cute…the wind also loved them…they were whipping around and twirling all over, so made it extra fun!  It was an amazing time and we were able to capture some beautiful moments of these two cuties. You also get the award for looking the most natural, warm and happy in the freezing cold! So looking forward to your special day Jared & Adele…less than a year away! Thanks for choosing me!

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