Baby Ezri: Middleville Newborn

The vast majority of the newborn sessions that I have photographed in the past year have been baby boys, so I may have gotten a little carried away with baby Ezri today:) She was being so cooperative, so I got to wrap and dress her in all sorts of adorable little girly things:) So fun!

Well Ezikian family, another perfect blessing for your little fam! Ezri is perfect in every way-what a gift and treasure! So happy for you guys and love to see you love and serve each other, love and serve your children, love and serve the church. It is a privilege and joy to call you friends and to see you use your multitudes of gifts in all areas of your life. Looking forward to watching this little one grow and seeing her become the woman that God created her to be. Congratulations Ethan & Dana

A few notes: Dana-you look great! Can’t even tell you were pregnant! Ethan-you thought she has elfish qualities…so much so in that little purple elf hat! đź™‚ Such a cute quilt that was made for her-she liked it so much that she actually opened her eyes for it! So precious!

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