Baby Jotham: Cascade Newborn

Gaahhhh….Baby Jotham is the sweetest! I don’t mean to be braggadocious here, but could there be anything better than my job? Really? I get the privilege of photographing all of life’s sweet, sweet moments…and none are sweeter than newborns. And this guy is COMPLETELY perfect and squishy and handsome and wonderful…well done Randell & Faith! Jim thinks I need to settle down on newborn sessions because they are giving me baby fever, but I say keep them coming! 

🙂 Isn’t big brother Zeb completely adorbs too? Faith & Randell-you are doing a beautiful job-your love for your boys radiates and you are patient, kind, loving and instilling the faith in them…it is hard work, but so, so worth it-keep up the good work!

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