Brad & Brie: Mackinaw Island Proposal

A whole lot happened yesterday! My hubster and I went to Mackinaw Island to capture the proposal of our dear friends’ daughter…we have known her since she was 5 and have had the privilege of seeing her grow into the sweet & amazing young woman she is today! Not only that, but we got lots of quality time with her boyfriend (wait…fiance!) beforehand…because her parents didn’t want to tip her off that they were trying to get somewhere, poor Brad had to nervously wait for about 3 hours before she finally came out…we only had about 10 times that we jumped because we thought she might be catching us beforehand…and two false fire alarms, lol! Not to mention, he probably got more than he bargained for spending all that time with Jim & I-we thoroughly vetted him, lol! Well, the summary of the story is that she said yes! 🙂 Congrats to a sweet & amazing couple-we are so excited to see you grow together & what this next chapter together entails!

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