Brent & Penny: Bay Pointe Inn Wedding

As anyone who was in West MI this weekend can attest to, we had some majorly hot and majorly crazy weather this past weekend…but, Brent and Penny were either amazing planners or got really lucky, because they decided to get married on Sunday at Bay Pointe Inn…when the storms had passed and the heat wave ended (at least for a day or two;)). Their wedding was super beautiful-their two families joining together. It was such a celebration-everyone was so happy for them! It was truly a beautiful day and celebration of their love! Penny looked stunningly beautiful! All of their details at Bay Pointe Resort Check out Bay Pointe’s site at: were on point…such a great place to have a wedding! It reminded me of Julie & Bryan’s gorgeous day at Bay Pointe last summer! Check out their day here: Thanks so much for the honor of capturing your day Brent & Penny! It was perfect! Congratulations you love birds:)

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