Jared & Adele: English Inn Wedding

Wow you guys! Adele & Jared got married yesterday and it was fabulous! I feel sorry for anyone who didn’t get to attend this wedding! First of all, every single detail was stunning. The English Inn, Restaurant and Pub is so quaint, serene & picturesque. Adele is gorgeous & so classy-she was so sweet & she made sure every detail was carefully executed. The emotion and the moments were touching and beautiful. The weather cooperated perfectly. The food was impeccable. But, most of all, their love for each other and their family and friends overflowed in every moment throughout the day. Everyone was saying what a great gift giver Adele is (you guys-she saved every nickel that entered their home to give as a gift to Jared to represent thinking of him…hard to top that one!) but her care for her friends was shown so well through celebrating her maid of honor as well who missed her commencement for her Phd-it was all so very sweet. It was simply lovely-a day to remember for all of your lives! Thanks for the privilege of allowing me to capture your day!

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