Julio & Danielle: Freeport Wedding

Where did this week go? I don’t know if it is something about it getting dark at 6:00 or what, but I feel like I have not been very productive this week…which means it took me until Friday to get this sneak peek up from Danielle & Julio’s amazing day on Saturday! They are so incredibly sweet together and I loved that the crazy weather just made them laugh together all the more. It was seriously the craziest weather-we took a bunch of beautiful, sunny and warm-ish photos and then within seconds, it was pouring and super dark…then within minutes again, it had cleared back up and the sun was out. But they just rolled with it! I love how many sweet traditions they included throughout their day and so many precious moments with their loved ones as they celebrated! And a shout out to Danielle’s sister for hosting the wedding at their perfect little farm-the barn was beautiful and you could tell how much love they poured into it to celebrate with Danielle and Julio. Thanks for giving me the privilege of capturing your day!

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