Kierra: Thornapple Kellogg Senior

Kierra!!! You are SO pretty! 

With photography, I see all the details of my amazing clients and get to notice all of the things that make them uniquely beautiful…and I have realized how truly gorgeous each and every person is. I often miss the details in every day life and with photography, I am reminded of how God has knit each of us so carefully. 

Kierra has amazing and flawless skin, awesome hair, perfect complexion and the perfect rosiness to her cheeks, soulful eyes and some amazing nails! Not to mention, she has her “fierce” model pose down! But above all that, she is an amazing girl-kind, sweet, funny and all around wonderful. Congrats on your senior year Kierra! I hope 2019 is a blessed and joy-filled year for you! Keep seeking after your maker in all you do!

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