Our Little Lil Lil is Two!

Everyone says that kids grow up too fast. What they don’t say is that it goes by in a complete blur. That when you have a newborn, the first year feels like a haze of emotions, hormones, sleep deprivation and every feeling under the sun. They don’t tell you that you will hardly be able to remember what your child looked like as an infant. You don’t realize that all of the cute little toddler movements and nuances will be gone in a blink of an eye. They don’t share that the inquisitive stage of a preschooler asking “why” constantly fades in to a school-aged child who is pretty certain he knows all of the answers. And whatever he doesn’t, he makes up. I remember being told that it goes fast and that I will love them more than I could imagine. But I don’t remember being told that I would love them so much that I am on the verge of tears as I think about how fast they grow and change and how soon tomorrow will be here. Tomorrow will be the days of raging adolescence and love interests and rebellion and opinions. Tomorrow will be the days that we can’t even imagine right now, but will be here faster than we can believe. So today, I enjoy my toddler and my kindergartener as they sit in a beautiful field of wildflowers. I enjoy them as they bask in their childhood wonder. As their hair is lit with the golden sun setting behind them. I enjoy their beauty. Their sense of wonder. Their unconditional love. Their awe at God’s creation. Their silly lightheartedness. These two little people are my life. They are the messiest and craziest part of me, but they are also the biggest part of me that makes sense. Happy 2 years Liller Bug. Happy 5 and 1/2 years Jameson friend.

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