Yaileen: Grand Rapids Senior

One may be wondering where all of these super-model, flawless, stunningly beautiful senior girls are coming from…I am not going to pretend I know, but I am not going to complain! I was the goofy teenage girl with the permed hair shaped into a triangle, acne, bib overalls and awkward smile in my senior photos…so, I don’t really understand how these girls can look so stunningly gorgeous, but hey, more power to them!!! So, last, but not least is Yaileen! We had a beautiful time at Provin Trails Park on Friday! What a great time getting to know her and her mama a bit and exploring the woods with them. I am not certain that they completely loved the nature, but I think we had fun nonetheless and captured some beautiful images! Thanks so much for having me capture this time for you!

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