Zach & Ashley: The Cheney Place Wedding

Wow, wow, wow. Saturday was just an absolutely amazingly and perfect wedding day for Zach & Ashley at The Cheney Place Every detail at their incredible venue was perfect…there was so much to take in every where I turned! I think it is one of those places you could photograph regularly and still find new nooks and things you had never seen before-just amazing…no detail overlooked. If I were ever to get married again, The Cheney Place is where it is at! Definitely up there in my top five venues I have ever photographed at. Kangaroo Kitchen & Catering did a phenomenal job with the catering…check them out here: and The Donut Conspiracy made their donuts for their dessert. Best. Donuts. Ever. But, even with all of the details being wonderful, their love and the celebration of their two families being joined together was even more apparent. It was an incredible day-Ashley’s family and their love for their daughter/sister got me feeling teary-eyed a few times:) Such a special celebration. Congratulations you two-here is just a small snippet of your day…like 1000 more to come!

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